The ‘Sun Health Hour’ Sundays at Noon on KPXQ AM 1360

Have you heard our new weekly radio programThe Sun Health Hour, on KPXQ-AM 1360?  

We launched the radio program on Sunday, Nov. 4, hosted by Sun Health President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Guziak. The Sun Health Hour features health and healthy living topics that matter to Valley residents.

Each Sunday, The Sun Health Hour radio program airs at noon and features local and national guests sharing insights, ideas and information designed to enhance listeners’ lives. Listeners can access the Sun Health Hour via a variety of portals:

  • Listen live at noon on Sundays at 1360 AM or by and clicking: LISTEN LIVE from the home page.
  • Following the initial broadcast, listeners also can catch the TheSun Health Hour online via the links on the right side of this page, any time they would like. Past shows will be archived for convenient access and downloading.